Ustvarjamo in plemenitimo ambiente že od leta 1665. V dolgoletni tradiciji Rogaška s privlačnimi ter sodobnimi kristalnimi izdelki plemeniti naše domove ter ponuja nepozabna darila, ki nikoli ne izgubijo sijaja.



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The annual Planica ski-jumping event in Slovenia holds a special place in people’s hearts and minds. This year, unfortunately, without the magical euphoria and without fans from all over the World.

Event in Planica is sport festival and the most popular sports event in Slovenia. Planica united all Slovenians every year and the Slovenian flags in the sky are usually raised as far as the eye can see.

Rogaska Crystal trophies are a part of Planica ski-jumping competition for more then 30 years. A statue for best ski-jumping competitors has changed during the years but it always reflects shine of crystal and elegance of Rogaška design.

 We are proud that Rogaska crystal trophies were lifted on the podium by big names from this competition Jiří Raška, Jaroslav Sakala, Takanobo Okabe, Martin Smidt, Hideharu Miyahira, Noraki Kasai, Matti Hautamäki, Roar Ljøkelsøy, Bjørn Einar Romøren, Janne Happonen, Adam Małysz, Gregor Schlierenzauer, Kamil Stoch; Harri Olli, Robert Kranjec, Jurij Tepeš, Peter Prevc, Stefan Kraft, Kamil Stoch, Markus Eisenbichler, Karl Geiger and Ryōyū Kobayashi.

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 Interesting facts about Planica:

    • First world record 92 meters was set by Norwegian Birger Ruud (1934)
    • First man flying of 100 meters was Austrian Sepp Bradl (1936), and Swiss Fritz Tschanen became a hero in 1948 with the new record in Planica (120 meters)
    • In 1950 the Bloudek Giant collapsed and, despite renovation, Planica no longer allowed significant increases in the height of the hill.
    • 5 new world records in march 1969: Norwegian Björn Wirkola (156 m and 160 m), Czechoslovakian Jiri Raška (156 m and 164 m) and German Manfred Wolf (165 m) redirected Planica to the path of the old glory.
    • In 1994, the Finnish wonder boy Toni Nieminen was the first to fly over 200 meters.
    • The greatest success of Slovenian ski jumping was achieved by Primož Peterka when he became the first Slovene to win the crystal globe.
    • Since 1999, the final competitions of the season in ski flying have been held in Planica every year at the end of March, and the following year the popular Austrian Andreas Goldberger flew up to 225 meters. Robert Kranjec set the Slovenian record with a 222.5 m long flight on skis.
    • The 2003 World Cup final was marked by Finn Matti Hautamäki, who broke the record three times and eventually landed at 231 meters.
    • Slovenian Eagles completely dominated in 2015, when Peter Prevc won and broke the record with an incredible 245.8 m long jump.
    • 2016: a spectacular year for Planica and Slovenian eagles who conquered the podium every day. A giant mass of 111,000 spectators created a glorious Planica atmosphere.
    • Peter Prevc was unbeatable in 2016 and lifted a large crystal globe as the winner of the World Cup and a small crystal globe. Peter achieved a record of 15 wins in one season and was standing on the winning podium altogether 22 times. In total, he collected 2303 points in one season
    • 2019 was marked by Ryo Kobayashi, who became the overall winner of the World Cup. He was in great shape all season and kept it until the finals in Planica. On the last day of the competitions, he jumped 252 m in the first series and set a record for the Planica airfield, which is still valid today.