Ustvarjamo in plemenitimo ambiente že od leta 1665. V dolgoletni tradiciji Rogaška s privlačnimi ter sodobnimi kristalnimi izdelki plemeniti naše domove ter ponuja nepozabna darila, ki nikoli ne izgubijo sijaja.



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Eva Petrič: Re flect…

Photography, translated into lace and caught into crystal.

Eva Petrič: Re flect…

Re flect… is a series of unique crystal objects of Rogaška, which are translations of the photography cycle Gr@y Matter – Language of Shadows, made by internationally renowned artist Eva Petrič – The cycle stems from her project in which the artist explores communication abilities of shadows. For this purpose, the artist borrowed the periodic table of chemical elements from the natural sciences and replaced the elements in this table with her photographs, visualizing emotions. She synthesized her work in the form of a 1,215-page book of the artist. At the Idrija school of lace some of these photographs were – according to the artist’s instruction – translated into the pattern of unique Idrija lace, which were further hand engraved by the artist on some of Rogaška’s exquisite pieces of crystal.


Each hand engraved crystal carries 1/1 unique hand engraved motif, signed by the artist. Each item is packed in luxury hand made box.

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