Ustvarjamo in plemenitimo ambiente že od leta 1665. V dolgoletni tradiciji Rogaška s privlačnimi ter sodobnimi kristalnimi izdelki plemeniti naše domove ter ponuja nepozabna darila, ki nikoli ne izgubijo sijaja.



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With its masterpieces made of crystal, Rogaška is present across all continents of the world. Handcrafted masterpieces by Rogaška were given as a gift to a number of state leaders, important businesspersons, celebrities and other influencers. Crystal trophies and prizes are an important part of the top-level sports. It might be of interest to you that trophies for Golden Fox, Planica and Vitranc Cup have been made by the skilful hands of the masters glassmakers from Rogaška. Also in Croatia, which has been hosting an alpine skiing world cup competition since 2005, the best male and female skiers are awarded an original crystal crown.

Rogaška has been handcrafting the trophy for the best skiers performing at Sljeme in Croatia since 2005, when the first world cup competition was organised in Zagreb, called “Zlatni medvjed” (The Golden Bear). At the time, the unbeatable Janica Kostelić was the front-runner, but, to the dismay of the domestic fans, she did not finish the first run. In 2006, the organisers decided to rename the competition to “Snježna kraljica” (Snow Queen Trophy) to honour Janica Kostelič; her world cup wins contributed to the popularisation of skiing in Croatia.

For Rogaška, handcrafting the crystal crown is a challenge, responsibility, as well as honour. In 2008, male competitors joined their female counterparts, featuring a strong Croatian competitor Ivica Kostelić. So, Rogaška made two crystal crowns each year since 2008 – one for the best female slalom skier and one for the best male slalom skier.

Some interesting facts related to making the crown:

  • 50 working hours are needed to make a single crown and 120 hours for the entire project.
  • The crown is composed of 55 crystal and 42 metallic parts that keep the crystal parts together.
  • 18 persons are involved in the making of a single crown.
  • The crown weighs approximately 2 kilograms.
  • Rogaška has been handcrafting the crown since 2006.
  • Since the first “Snježna kraljica” competition, 28 crowns have been made.
  • The winners with most crowns were Marlies Shield (4), Mikaela Shiffrin (4) and Marcel Hirscher (5).

The Zagreb competition winners:


2005 Tanja Poutiainen (FINLAND)  – Golden Bear*
2006 Marlies Schild (AUSTRIA)
2007 Marlies Schild (AUSTRIA)
2008 Tanja Poutiainen (FINLAND)   Mario Matt (AUSTRIA)
2009 Maria Riesch (GERMANY) Jean-Baptiste Grange (FRANCE)
2010 Sandrine Aubert (FRANCE) Giuliano Razzoli (ITALY)
2011 Marlies Schild (AUSTRIA) André Myhrer (SWEDEN)
2012 Marlies Schild (AUSTRIA) Marcel Hirscher (AUSTRIA)
2013 Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) Marcel Hirscher (AUSTRIA)
2014 Cancelled due to lack of snow
2015 Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) Marcel Hirscher (AUSTRIA)
2016 Cancelled due to lack of snow
2017 Veronika Velez-Zuzulová (SLOVAKIA) Manfred Mölgg (ITALY)
2018 Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) Marcel Hirscher (AUSTRIA)
2019 Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) Marcel Hirscher (AUSTRIA)
2020 Petra Vlhová (SLOVAKIA) Clément Noël (FRANCE)
2021 Petra Vlhová (SLOVAKIA) Linus Strasser (NEMČIJA)
2022 Petra Vlhová (SLOVAKIA)