Ustvarjamo in plemenitimo ambiente že od leta 1665. V dolgoletni tradiciji Rogaška s privlačnimi ter sodobnimi kristalnimi izdelki plemeniti naše domove ter ponuja nepozabna darila, ki nikoli ne izgubijo sijaja.



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A wedding registry takes the guesswork out of the task, giving your loved ones confidence that they are purchasing a meaningful gift that you will love. A wedding registry also helps keep tabs on which wedding registry items have already been purchased by another guest, saving you the hassle of having to return that fifth kitchen appliance …

Unless you specify that you do not wish for any wedding gifts from friends and family, having a registry allows your guests to pick from a selection of top wedding registry items that you would love in your new home.


At Rogaška we have prepared some tips to help you organize your Wedding Registry:

  1. Have Several Price Points. To avoid embarrassing your guests with the price tags of some of your wedding registry must-haves, make sure to have a wide range of price points to select from. There should be some ideas at affordable prices, but also those that allow family members to splurge if they choose to.
  2. Involve Your Other Half. Whether you or your soon-to-be hubby is the shopper of the household, make sure to work together to pick out the items that you will both enjoy. Include some of the best wedding registry items for men as well as for women on your list so that you both enjoy a personal touch. Barware (whiskey decanters, tumblers, ice buckets and oenology collections) is always a good choice.
  3. Items That Will Last. The best wedding registry items can be cherished for many years to come. Crystal never goes out of fashion and the value of supreme craftsmanship is increasing with age.
  4. Items That Suit Your Lifestyle. Give your guests a few unique wedding registry ideas so they can feel they are personalizing your wedding gift. That special touch connects you to your honored guests in a very special way. Look for art pieces, one-offs and special/limited editions.
  5. Items That You Use Everyday. Planning what to register for should be as simple as figuring out what you use daily. The best wedding registry items are things that you use every day in your home.
  6. Items That Add a Personal Touch. Unique wedding registry ideas include monogrammed items and personalized gifts. Engraving always adds the wow factor.