Keepers of precious memories

With a tradition of 350 years, Rogaška is a chic & trendy luxury brand, creating premium home and lifestyle products in high quality crystal.

350 years of tradition

Rogaška Glassworks draws its rich knowledge from almost 350 years of tradition from the local area where the so-called forest glass huts were found. As a factory it started operating in 1927.

It has been a successful exporter of most of its products from the very beginning, especially to the United States of America – ever since 1930, our products have been available for sale in the American chain of stores Bloomingdale’s. In the second half of the 20th century, we have become a successful partner and producer for prestigious brands, and today, we are working on further strengthening our own brand Rogaška.

crystal ambience

With great respect we still foster the manual production of crystal and the tradition of glassmaking skills, which makes our products even more special and raises them to the next level.


All Rogaška crystal items are still handmade. State-of-the-art technology only facititates skilled craftsmen.


All crystal collections are designed, developed and manufactured in Slovenia, E.U.


Working with renowned creatives accross the globe, Rogaška continues to excite with fresh new designs.


Rogaška has been a proud sponsor of sports competitions, diplomacy summits, social events, beauty pageants, culinary academies … and has even “conquered” Hollywood.


Our crystal is one of the purest with exceptional brilliance, clarity and endless spark.

business to business (b2b)

We are famous for being able to offer a client or a potential partner a wide range of products made from crystal or crystalline in upper-medium, high or the highest quality class at a single location. These include manual, machine or combined production, cut or plain, unique as well as small- to medium-scale production. There are not many glassworks in the world producing such a complex range of products, mostly hand-made.


  • Design & development – the entire product making process is carried out based on the client’s/buyer’s specifications – from the idea and technological development, to the end product. This also applies to unique pieces.

  • Serial production of custom-made crystal products.

  • Special gift program: ceremonial gifts, sport prizes, cups, etc.

  • Unique custom-made luxury products.

  • Business gifts.

  • Production of packaging for your own products.



  • Manual, machine or combined production using the traditional and the modern methods for even the most demanding designs.

  • One-off or small- to medium-scale serial production.

  • The products of large-scale production upon agreement with the clients (our clients are prestigious brand names).

  • Steklarna Rogaška produces crystal glassware and crystalline glassware (this is a commercial term for sodium-potassium glass with lower lead content of 2% to 5%), and production of packaging made for own products and for other companies requiring packaging.


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With a tradition of 350 years, Rogaška ist the largest manufacturer of handmade crystal in the world.🌏 Which product will you choose?
@lukadoncic, @dallasmavs sensation, wins the 2018/19 Slovenian Sportsman of the year award. 🏀🏆 What a year for Luka...Congratulations and we are all excited to see your magic in upcoming NBA season.

Luka is holding hand made masterpiece, proudly made in Rogaška 1665.❤️ www.steklarna-rogaska.si