Ustvarjamo in plemenitimo ambiente že od leta 1665. V dolgoletni tradiciji Rogaška s privlačnimi ter sodobnimi kristalnimi izdelki plemeniti naše domove ter ponuja nepozabna darila, ki nikoli ne izgubijo sijaja.



ID ZA DDV: SI46716343

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Eva Petrič, multimedia visual artist

Eva Petrič,, multimedia visual artist, BA in psychology and art in Vienna and MFA in new media in Berlin, lives and works in between Ljubljana, Vienna, and New York City. In the interweaving of different media, she incudes photography, video, sound/voice, site-specific art installations, performance, and literature. She received numerous recognitions and awards for her art, which has been, and continues to be exhibited all around the world.

The exhibited products bear hand-engraved images transferred to the Idrija lace pattern from Eva Petrič’s 1215-page book of the artist Gr@y Matter – Language, of Shadows, visualizing emotions with the language of shadows.


“Emotions are like shadows: we all have them, whether we acknowledge them or not. In essence, we belong to a community of shadows that accompanies and accepts each and everyone of us – although we often do not notice them. It is similar with emotions: like shadows, emotions are intangible, with an elusive character they like to deceive us: they are like the twists in my shadow image, transferred to Idrija lace, passing from black to white and negative to positive…

Captured in crystal they reflect the tradition and heritage of Idrija lace and with the universality and timelessness of shadows from my periodic table of shadow emotions, the Idrija lace is placed in the modern globalized world.. (Eva Petrič)