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Whatever the spirit, the brand or the style, our wide array of technical possibilities will cater to any market demand.
Many of the most popular shapes are on stock, so it’s always easy to decorate your preferred decanter according to your needs. Think cutting, sandblasting, gilding, applying multi-color decals, hand painting and even engraving.


Pick the shape that suits you best.

We’ve prepared 6 very versatile shapes that can be combined with various stoppers (3 basic forms available at the moment).


Round decanter shines beautifully when decorated with simple geometric patterns, also on the bottom of the bottle.


“Square” is a perfect decorating challenge – four vertical panels along with the bottom surface call for cut explorations.


This is certainly the classiest in our collection and will tell a story about sophistication and timeless elegance.

column small

Flat front and back panels on this decanter are just perfect for label application.

column medium

Just as its smaller version, this decanter offers a myriad of branding opportunities.

column tall

Tallest decanter in this line invites you to explore the endless possibilities of sandblasting and gilding.

technical characteristics

drilling for a perfect stopper fitting (also suitable for transport cork stoppers)

volume 700 ml with tolerance of ±15 ml

vacuum space for transport packaging

perfectly safe – each decanter is treated with amonium sulphate to prevent lead-leachnig

myriad of options

This is where magic happens! In order to emphasize all the magnificent qualities of the material, crystal decorating techniques are employed to create a brilliant, sparkling effect as each cut facet reflects and transmits light through the object.

The “rainbow effect”, which never ceases to amaze, is created through the refraction and bending of light as it passes through the various facets of finely cut crystal.

There’s also an option to decorate a stopper – a perfect finishing touch (cut, sandblast, decal … ).

make it yours

There is an expansion of design freedom in the area of crystal decorations. Product is regarded as a blank piece of paper for richness of graphic elements that embody natural beauty of crystal, light break, wonderful transparency and sparkle.

we make it happen

As our valued business partner you can expect a full service. Our award-winning designers can
help you with the outstanding ideas, highly qualified 3D modellers will make the project technically
feasible, devoted and extremelly skilled production team guarantees for a high-end product, while
our packaging department has a wide range of luxury packaging solutions for various distribution


Display packaging is an important marketing tool as it is often the first contact of your brand with your customer. Make sure you stand out on the shelves and let the beautiful gift packaging be a purchase incentive.

We offer a wide variety of printing techniques, luxury papers and box shapes to meet all your needs.

Rogaška - crystal ambience

With great respect we still foster the manual production of crystal and the tradition of glassmaking skills, which makes our products even more special and raises them to the next level.


All Rogaška crystal items are still handmade. State-of-the-art technology only facititates skilled craftsmen.


All crystal collections are designed, developed and manufactured in Slovenia, E.U.


Working with renowned creatives accross the globe, Rogaška continues to excite with fresh new designs.


Our crystal is one of the purest with exceptional brilliance, clarity and endless spark.


  • Design & development – the entire product making process is carried out based on the client’s/buyer’s specifications – from the idea and technological development, to the end product. This also applies to unique pieces.

  • Serial production of custom-made crystal products.

  • Special gift program: ceremonial gifts, sport prizes, cups, etc.

  • Unique custom-made luxury products.

  • Business gifts.

  • Production of packaging for your own products.



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The right glass shape enables the drink to express itself in its fullness, so you can enjoy it in all aspects. 🥃

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With a tradition of 350 years, Rogaška ist the largest manufacturer of handmade crystal in the world.🌏 Which product will you choose?