With more than 350 years of tradition in superior crystal ware, STEKLARNA ROGAŠKA d.o.o. creates and improves the ambient, boosting the experience.


  • With dedicated and responsible work, constant achievement of superior quality of products, timely delivery, excellent personal relationships with the buyers, efficient servicing of the colleagues’ and customers’ needs, we create the added value for employees, buyers, partners and company owners.
  • We create and strengthen the global reputation of the Slovene trademark Rogaška. This is achieved through: o fostering and upgrading of traditional skills in glass processing; o top-level expertise; o partnership with reputable wholesale buyers; o investments in advanced modern environmental technology and innovation at all operating stages and o by implementing own guidelines in glass design.

The employees of the company uphold the following values:

  • achieve excellence,
  • collegiality of employees,
  • excellent relationships with customers,
  • provision of efficient service for the colleagues and buyers,
  • loyalty to the company in which many generations from Rogaška and the surrounding areas have been creating,
  • family-friendly company,
  • responsibility towards the natural environment and
  • responsible handling of the company’s assets.