• Igor Polik comes from an artistic family – 2 ballet dancers and one painter. As a child, he lived in Ljubljana.

    In 1970 he graduated from the Design School and found employment in Steklarna Rogaška where he met with glass for the first time. There, he learned and developed for several years under the mentorship of the famous designer and artist Raul Goldoni. He mainly created mass production products and collections for known foreign and domestic buyers. He was so dazzled by the glowing matter that he pledged eternal loyalty to it.

    Igor is a designer with refined taste and a special skill of manual drawing, which is a true rarity in today’s computer era. Always silent and pensive, Igor is absorbed in his ideas and their materialisation. He is the author of many bestsellers and unique items. He participated in several exhibitions in the former Yugoslavia and at Biennial of Industrial Design.

  • Ivana Potočnik is an industrial designer and ever since her graduation in 2007, her creations swirl around crystal glass. Her degree thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design was her ticket into the world of crystal.

    The products and the wish to know the matter brought her to Steklarna Rogaška where she has been designing products for in-house and foreign brands since 2006.

    During her studies, her path to the world of creation led her through many international workshops, conferences and the Spanish University Pompeu Fabra, the design school ELISAVA, where she discovered her Latino temperament in harmony with solid analytical approach. Her ecological awareness is yet another reason for her to enjoy working with glass, which is a natural material that can be recycled all over into new dimensions of shining products. Ivana says: “Once you learn the characteristics of a material, you follow them and it does what you want …”.


  • She finished the Secondary School of Design in Ljubljana, industrial design course. Her career in glass art started immediately after schooling and she has remained faithful to this material ever since.

    When designing products, she gives priority to functionality and possibility of mass production. The environment in which she lives is her inspiration for new glass stories. Add to this the magic of the material and what you get is the ultimate joy of creation.

    She joined the designers of Steklarna Rogaška in 2009. She participated in some joint exhibitions and competitions (Slovene Wine Glass).

  • Nina Malovrh is a designer whose greatest passion is drawing unusual stories for usual objects and hoping for happy endings. She is a graduated industrial designer who gained valuable experience in advertising agencies and independent projects in the field of packaging design, thinking of the brands for the clients in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry.

    In addition to the habit of drinking the afternoon tea, she also obtained the Master’s degree in packaging and brand design in England. In co-operation with Steklarna Rogaška, she won the Good Concept award at the Industrial Design Biennale as a student, and is proudly wearing the Golden Bra of the Magdalena Festival of Creative Communications.

    She will never be as good a surfer as her colleague Tiho Tomić but she wished to play the flute in a punk band once. She has a crush on every project she tackles, and can hardly await new challenges.

  • As a child, Ljiljana Tepeš Šolman lived near Sotla and she finished the Secondary School of Fine Arts and Design in Zagreb in 1988.

    In 1990 she was employed as designer in the then Glassmaking School of Rogaška Slatina. In 2004 the company was renamed to Steklarska Nova and she continued to develop her potential and love of glass which became a part of her.

    In 2009 she was employed by Steklarna Rogaška. She continued to face the challenges and express her creativeness also in crystal glass, in which she is trying to capture the crystal transparency in a specific functional form.

    In 2010, she graduated in economy at the DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor so that she could better link her designing skills with the market requirements and processes.


    • The majority of her products have been presented at the fairs in Frankfurt as part of the company’s annual new collections
    • Multiple exhibitions within the Biennial of Industrial Design in Ljubljana
    • Joint exhibition Crystal Clear Shapes in Ana’s Gallery and Salon Rogaška Ljubljana, June 2010
  • Is a multifaceted designer of fittings, interiors, books and printed matters, web communications, advertising, tradeshow exhibits and corporate identities.

    He has been awarded several prizes for his work in the field of graphic, industrial and unique design. In 2000 he won the Golden Drum award for web communications design and in 2001 the award Lorenzo il Magnifico in Florence, followed by the Grand prix at Trieste contemporanea design in 2002, Opus Design Winner in 2003 and selected at the Osaka Triennial.

  • Gordana Drinković is a freelance artist, product-designer and painter. She is a member of Croatian Association of Applied arts Artist and Croatian Freelance Artist’s Association and has had number of solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group ones.

    Gordana lives in Zagreb and during summer on the island Hvar. She creates her art pieces in Croatia as well as anywhere where there is a possibility of producing her glass design.

    Glass designing is for her continuous process, way of life, chance to express her personality via the personality of objects and material. She has been doing it for over twenty years. Glass is prime material of her sole, constant inspiration and media of communication.

    For Rogaška Glassworks she won the HFN 2010 Award of Exellence, Tabletop, New York.

    ‘I’m looking for the content, substance of beauty, a Holy Grail which will stir emotions and spirituality and encourage communication.’

  • Tanja started her path as a designer at the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana, studying fashion design. She continued her study at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, where she became enthused by industrial design. During the study she participated in IDEM and exhibited at BIO 19.

    After completed study she took a job at Steklarna Hrastnik, where she first started working with glass. Love at first sight, the unexplored possibilities of design and matter have led her to Steklarna Rogaška.

    As a designer working in the industry she has learned primarily about the laws of combining functionality and visuality based on technological restrictions. She goes with the moment and her creations are a blend of fairytale impressions with a modern touch. Music is very important to her, as the rhythm and imagination lead her to the contemplated idea. She is a fan of adrenalin sports connected with the beauties of nature above and below the water surface. The wind above the water brings brainwaves and the wonderfully colourful flora and fauna in the depths of water are manifested in the products she designs.