Today’s impact of modern technologies of manufacturing and designing crystal products dictates its own requirements and in STEKLARNA ROGAŠKA d.o.o. we adapt our development, design and offer to the demands and requirements of the market which help us to create it with years of experience.

We are famous for being able to offer a client or a potential partner a wide range of products made from crystal or crystalline in upper-medium, high or the highest quality class at a single location. These include manual, machine or combined production, cut or plain, unique as well as small- to medium-scale production. There are not many glassworks in the world producing such a complex range of products, mostly hand-made.


  • Design development – the entire product making process is carried out based on the client’s/buyer’s specifications – from the idea and technological development, to the end product. This also applies to unique pieces.
  • Serial production of custom-made crystal products.
  • Special gift programme: ceremonial gifts, sports prizes, cups, etc.
  • Unique custom-made luxury products.
  • Business gifts.
  • Production of packaging for own products.


  • Manual, machine or combined production using the traditional and the modern methods for even the most demanding designs.
  • Unique or small- to medium-scale serial production.
  • The products of large-scale production upon agreement with the clients (our clients are prestigious foreign brand names).

For years, the bulk of our production has been exported to the most demanding foreign markets, and in the recent years this share has grown above 90%. Our principal buyers are Ireland (31.8%), the USA (18.1%), Italy (10.0%), Germany (9.4%), Iran (5.9%), Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Great Britain, Japan and other countries. This proves the high quality of our production. Production capacities that have been considerably expanded in the last two years enable the production of 7.5 million glass products, of which approximately 3 to 3.5 million pieces of cut lead glass and 4 million products made of crystalline and plain lead glass.

Steklarna Rogaška produces crystal glassware – lead glass (24% lead) and crystalline glassware (this is a commercial term for sodium-potassium glass with lower lead content of 2% to 5%), and production of packaging made for own products and for other companies requiring packaging.